Converting information into products and services:

  1. The Challenge
    Applied Methods is developing solutions to global engineering challenges by converting information into products and services. Grand engineering challenges such as "Advancing health informatics", "Providing access to clean water", "Making solar energy economical", and "Improving urban infrastructure" are formidable in both scope and scale. To address the grand challenges, many solutions must draw from both traditional resources and emerging resources such as data.
  2. The Opportunity
    Data is an abundant and information-rich resource that is expanding at an alarming rate. It is created both through machine automated processes and as a by-product of our daily activities. While data continues to grow rapidly, the cost of storing and transferring data continues to decline. If the aforementioned trend endures, the future will hold opportunities to convert enormous amounts of data into information at a fraction of today’s costs. Lower production costs will extend the reach of innovative products and services into new and emerging markets. Extending the reach of insight and information in the form of products and services is a necessary part of an information engineering approach to solving global challenges.